kalk question.


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This is currently what i am doing with my kalk.
1. Have a reservoir with ro/di water
2. Kalk is added to the reservoir
3. The kalk is stirred only 2 times a week. since the reservoir is only being refilled 2 times a week.
Using a maxi jet in the reservior. the water is stirred the after the reservoir is done filling with new water. for about 5 minsafter the water is full. it takes about an hour and 1/2 to fill up resevoir.
4. This will(help) keep the co2 from entering the water . tight lid ,little air is in the water stored. right?


I don't stir the water that much, just enough to keep the kalk diluted in the water since the sump is only refilled by evaporation?

Am i getting this right?

My reservoir is about 7 gallons. So i am adding about 14 teaspoons for each refilling time in a week or 14 teaspoons for a week, or can i add 32 for 2 weeks and etc..
I just watch for residue in the bottom of the water storage. if thier seems to be a build up then i lessen the teaspoons.

or, do i need to change something?

Do i need to clean out the bottom of the water reservoir once in a while or will just disolve over time?

I am not going with a Kalk reactor since the research indicate little conductivity change..

I test for the ph , calc, mag, and Alk. Every thing seems to be working..

Randy Holmes-Farley

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If you do not have good mixing where the limewater is added to the aquarium water, you can get localized precipitation of calcium carbonate on surfaces and such. It is good to have a fair amount of mixing somehow where it is added.

The limewater itself shouldn't be stirred after initial mixing. It sounds like you are doing this fine. Expect residue to build up in the limewater over time. I clean mine out once a year or so, but if it discolors, I'd clean it out more often.


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Sounds great. I was hoping i was doing okay. I do clean out the whole resevoir once an a while.
thanks for the help