Kalkwasser Drip System Question

It really depends on your evaporation loss. I dose kalkwasser to match my evap losses, but it depends on the temperature, humidity, water flow, etc. In the winter, I'll go through about a half gallon a day for my nano, but right now I'm not using nearly as much because it's more humid.
For me I drip more in the summer -- even though it is more humid. Manly because my place is warmer and the fans are running more to keep the temps in check.

Since this is a new way to add calcium, I'm starting slow while checking pH. However, it seems that 1 drop every 2 seconds is quite low. That is the current rate.

A few other things. I'm dripping into the sump which may be hard on the pumps--Is this a major problem? Is it o.k. to drip continuously or should I do it in paced intervals?
You should try to drip it an area of high turbulence, so it gets swept away quickly. Maybe drip it into the display, into one of your overflows? What about near where the water drains into the sump?
On my 3 tanks I drip right into the sump, but I have the drip very close to the first baffle, so the water is going away from the pump for my skimmer.

I use external main pumps, but there is enough time for the kalk drip to mix completely before it would reach the main pump.