keeping mantis shrimp...for now


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I was watching my tank last night and saw another mantis shrimp. He's a little guy, only about 1 1/2" and very skinny. If I identified him correctly it is a he and is a Philippine Mantis Shrimp-Gonodactylaceus mutatus. I used the, put rock into bucket of freshwater, to rid my tank of the last one but think I may keep this one around for a bit. If too many crabs start showing up dead in the morning again I'll track him down like the last one. It's almost like keeping an Oscar. I watched him pester an urchin until it moved away from it spot in a rock. I didn't think urchins moved once they settled into a crevice. This one did though, most have thought he was about to be dinner...
I have as a much of a reef tank as is legal where I live. I bought dead rock from a LFS for my 40g. I used sand from a local beach and get my water from the ocean as well. The dead rock is becoming more alive and starting to grow a little coralline algea. I go out and pick fresh macro algea for the tank to stuff between the rocks for more decoration and to feed my fish inhabitants, which are 1 3-spot damsel, 1 flame angel and 2 percula clowns. My crabs come from a local beach as well. I guess the mantis was in the sand and that is how he got into my tank. That's all I can figure. Anyways...that's my basic set-up.