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Anyone using this additive by Brightwell aqautics??

I'm dripping this in my top-off.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Mini Me6

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Just for the $$$$$$

Just for the $$$$$$

I venting right now so pls excuse me:mad: .

My LSF in NJ recommended this product as a reliable suppliment. Now i'm not a 10-20 veteran in reef keeping, so I depend on these guys along with online websites (Reef Central) to educate me on the matter.

Not knowing the individual giving te advise from online, " One must be very cautious as the intent of the Infomation given".

Same with LFS. They are in the business to make profits and not to steer you away from buying a product.

Yes, I asked many probing questions to my aqurium sales specialist:rolleyes: . Be it as it may, he sold me on the fact that this product would best suit me if I was going to drip top-off water and wanted to keep my calc/ mag stable.

I've come to the conclusion that this HOBBY is all about TRAIL and ERROR. what works for some, does not work for ALL.

So in conclusion, WE are destined to spend alot of $$$$ to find an EQUILIBRIUM that would ensure that our LIVESTOCK is HEALTHY and SAFE.

There isn't a Reef Only, RWLF, RWFO or FISH ONLY tank that is exactly the same as anyone else. And that is why products will satify some and dissappoint others.

As long as the ratio of SATISFACTION is higher than DISAPPOINTMENT it will continue to be produced. JUST MY OPPINION:mad: .