Kent BioSediment


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Anybody try that Kent Bio Sediment yet? I am thinking about using it in sump to grow for nutriant export/tang feed.....any thoughts?
Any of those real fine mud like sediments are really good for growing worms and pods. Rooted plants seem to do well, macro's seem to make little difference too.
Kent BioSediment

Thanks Bill. I am going to try some of that. All the Kent products I have used in the past, I've been happy with. It's alot cheaper than the mud.
Honestly, I find CaribSea Mineral Mud to be a better product. I've had more luck growing prolifera and mexicana and other macro's in the mineral mud. The kent biosediment just hasn't given me as much growth as I wanted....try it and let me know how it works for you...maybe I had a bad batch or something.

- jared


Thanks Jared, I have seen it before somewhere but do not remeber where. I will take a look around for that before I commit to the Kent product. I got to get something to root some macros in so I can get my Nitrates under control. I am getting tired of weekly 30 gallon changes and no results. My tank was great until I moved, and my algae crashed. Thanks again.