Kodak Z740


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Hello All:

I just picked up the Kodak Z740 and have taken a couple pictures of my tank....I have a few questions:

1. What is the easiet way to post them on RC? Should I use a photo-hosting site or just upload them to my gallery?

2. How does everyone get such good close-ups of ther corals? I have been trying but they seem to come out blurry or overlit...


What is the easiet way to post them on RC?
I've been waiting for someone to ask that question :p
Take a look at this Reefkeeping Magazine article.
As for the other question- a lot goes into taking good close-ups. A tripod will help a lot. The minimum focusing distance of your camera is 12cm so don't have the camera any closer than that to your subject. Make sure you've got the camera in macro mode [flower icon] too. Sometimes the autofocus has to hunt a bit- so keep the shutter button pressed halfway until you're sure the focus is locked on, then smoothly press the button the rest of the way. Frequently the shutter speeds are so slow a tripod is a must.