LED Black Box Driver Replacement


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With the intent to modify my 4-pin/wire pot to work with the Apex VDM, I'm anticipating the drivers on my non-descript Chinese black box (square edge style) to go bad. I'm currently retrofitting the light board using SB Reeflights, but fully anticipate the drivers to go next.

In the event that happens, if I need to replace the 2 drivers, what could I swap them out with? I'm not sure the like for like swap that gives me wires to power the fans, the lights, and allows me to modify the driver output wires to work with the Apex VDM.

(Pictures show existing)


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I can't read chinese but most probably you will need a driver capable of pushing 80 to 105VDC with max current of 480 - 530mA. The existing driver is either 5V PWM or 0-10VDC dimming signal. I believe it is a 5V PWM as I have CBB before that I connect to my Arduino controller.