LEDs for sale or trade


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I have 2 ReefBar Pros for sale. 36". They use 3watt bridgelux leds. Includes power supply and wireless dimmer. They worked great, but I'm moving and I got the OK for a BIG tank in the new house so I'm selling off some things right now. If you google reef bar pro you'll find more info on them.
1 bar is full spectrum
1 bar is all actinic

I'm looking for 130 total or trades of anything let me know what ya got.

Located in camden county...Sicklerville to be exact.


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I am nowhere near you, but wanted to ask if you have any disco ball effect with these bars? I have a 40G breeder I'm putting together and most of the LED lighting options I've seen so far result in a break-out of the different colors and I hate it.