LF: ATO Reservoir

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I go through around 1/2 to 3/4 gallon a day, so if I can get a 5 to 7 gallon reservoir that would work. LMK what you got.

All Delight

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Yeah wanted something easy on the eyes since it will be visible. AA makes them, but was hoping maybe to find a used one in good condition.


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I use a 20 Long on the side of my tank... but yeah I agree those tall and slender resevoires are nice just haven't wanted to upgrade yet...

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Cody, yeah I may just break down and order one. LOL

Rik, I appreciate the offer but looking for something more stealth.


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I had a 6gallon AA ATO tank for sale a month ago, I upgraded to a AA 10g. Kinda steep with the price but sure looks sweet next to my tank.


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i was same situation.
now i am using this plastic trash can.
it works.



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I cant find the link on here but I remember seeing a thread where somebody had converted an automan into a resevoir. They took the cushion off and had an acyrilyc box built for the inside of the automan. Once the cushion was placed back on top you couldnt even tell. Just the small tubing connecting into the sump.


I just use a five gallon bucket, but I got a little black (I guess its supposed to be a hamper, or something?) box type thing at Pier one, or cost plus - one of those places....can't remember. Anyways, the bucket is hidden inside, and it doesn't look too bad (and not too expensive).


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5 gallon jug may be handy to refill. i 5 gallon bucket/ lid and a hole saw can do wonders too. I have used a small hamper or trash can from bed bath and beyond to. I will admit I never tested them to see if they "leeched" po4 but did not crash a tank using them either.