Lifereef Protein Skimmers


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Anybody use any of the lifereef skimmers? I am in the market for a new skimmer, and wanted to get some feedback from anybody that is using one or has used it. I was looking at the SVS2-24 for my 125 gal reef.


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I have a lifereef skimmer, haven't used it yet. I've heard nothing but good things about them. But my plan is to go the Bubble King route later this year. Actually I have 3 lifereef skimmers no that I think about it. 2 24" and 1 30"


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I have a 36 inch on a 90 reef . I really like it, just make sure to put enough pump on it and you will have a nice milky white column and a stable foam head. I have owned quite a few skimmers (top fathom, deltec 850, turbofloater, PM bullet 3, and a few diy skimmers. Each has its plus's and minus's. The Lifereef venturi has very consistant output, low maintaince, (dont pay extra for flanges-its not like a beckett which needs constant cleaning/maintance). I have not see the 24 inch model in action but my guess is it would do pretty well on a 125.


I currently use a svs 24 in a lifereef sump on a 68 gallon tank. It works great. Good foam production and low maintance. It is a good skimmer.

I used a 36 inch model when I moved a couple of years ago and had my livestock in the garage while tank was cycling. It was a beast and had no problems whatsoever.