lighting and gbta color??


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I thought I read a post a while back on how lighting may cause a change in the color of a bta. I bought a gbta about 1.5 months ago and it was a nice dark green. Now iit has pretty much lost its green and is mostly brown. I have 8 T-5 Giesemann Powerchrome bulbs over a 125 gallon, there are two actinincs, a 11000 k and a 6000 k over each half of the tank.

Is this a lighting issue or a feeding issue?


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I'm wondering about the 6k.
My nems do change color from time to time, especially after feeding.
I do one silverside a week, and I feed my tank mysis/cyclopsese every other day, flake every other day.
Nems pick up some of that.
I notice brighter colors, especially tips after silverside.