Lighting choice?


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hi I have the 14k phenox bulbs, and I was wondering what would be better for it, atinic supplementation or daylight? since the phenox bulbs already have a blue tint to it idk what to choose, I will be going reef if that helps in picking. thanks


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Actinic lighting is THE key to colorful corals. Many of the most famous corals have been shown to respond exceedingly well to added light in the 420 to 450nm range. Here's my tank grown under 20000k Radiums with added VHO Super Actinic supplementation which I switched out recently to blue LED supplementation. Actinics alone won't do the trick, but they are a key ingredient for sure.



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I'm trying to look up your tank, but there was no July 2009 TOTM listed. Do you have thread 'cuz I'd love to have look :D

It's a Lounge thing. There's three months I think it was when RC was being upgraded that didn't have TOTM. We chose our own. Here's my tank when I was switching from 14 to 10k. Hence the screen. There's a build thread in the corner tank club in the NTTH forun.