Lighting enough for a clam?


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40 gallon breeder low tank (15.5 inches depth to sand) with Custom Sealife PC 192 watts. Would my lighting support a clam?
IMO clams really need strong lighting, I wouldn't try to house one without metal halides, as clams need lots of light to survive, but this is just my opinion and hopefully someone with maybe with PC's can share their experience.

It'll live. I've done a gold maxima, squamosa and a deresa under 120 watts of pc. and my roomate has kept his squam under 170 watts of pc for over a year without the clam dying and noticable growth. However i completely agree that you have better chances of survivial and sucess with halides and/or vho.

keep your clam close to the lights and make sure it gets direct lighting.
Some ok, some not

Some ok, some not

Squamosa and Deresa - YES DEFINETLY

Maxima and Crocea - Probably not. Maybe if you put one high in the tank.

I had a Deresa under 192 watts PC in a 50 gallon. He did quite well in there. He's under MH and VHO now. Doing even better.