Lighting for a 120Gal


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What do you have on your 120? Or if you dont have one what are your suggestions?

My biggest tank is a 40Gal and it has 4x 96w (2 actinic, 2 10,000k). I dont realy know how much lighing it needs. I am moving the reef from my 40 in to a new 120. I will be building the hood and most of the components myself.

Also please post pics of your Lighting home made or not!



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I keep a lot of S.P.S. along with L.P.S. and have 2- 250 watt 14k Hamiltons and 2-110 watt V.H.O. actinic in my custom cabinet.
They are all retro and on I.C. ballasts.



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I have an AGA120 with SPS and clams. I use a TEK 8x54 watt setup and could not be happier. I used to run 400w HQI and get the same results with less heat, watts and bulb change frequency. I can keep clams and SPS on the bottom as well. Just have to mix and match bulbs for the color spectrum you like.


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Yeah I 2nd the 8x 54w T5's. I don't have the 120G yet but I'm in the planning stages now and I'm getting rid of the 2x 250w MH setup for the 8x 54w T5's.



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its all homemade with built in fans and a/c ran to doesnt need the a/c but in summer in comes in hand..
2x250 15k and 2 96pc's 2-10k&2-actinics on a 75