Lighting head scratcher?


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OK, so Im in the process of setting up a 54 gallon reef tank. I have almost everything I need to get started but I need help on how to set up my lighting system...

I want to do a 24 hour system with dawn and dusk plus the main 6 or 8 hours of intense daylight. My tank, however, makes this difficult because of the shape.

I have a 54 gallon Aqueon Corner tank
39 wide
23 tall
28 deep

Its the tank that looks like a 1/4 circle

How do I light this? I originally wanted to do a MH pendant but I know those put off a lot of heat and I dont want the room to heat up. Plus, with a MH pendant, attaching actinics or anything else for morning and evening would be pretty difficult.

Is there another solution?


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Metal Halide would be best choice. And as far as attaching actinics, you can always used some 24" T-5's.

-Mike C.


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I'd have to agree with ZURCSREF the best solution would be m.h. with t-5's. I'd look into some of the higher end reflectors for you m.h. so you can reach as much of the corners as you can.