Lighting Suggestions...


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I'm in the process of setting up a 50 gallon rimless (36x18x18) that will be entirely higher-end SPS. I've gotten the majority of the tank figured out (ie what return pump, what powerheads, how to tie in another 75-100 gallons in the back). The only thing I'm stuck on is lighting.

I really want it to look minimal in terms of what the viewer sees, so I was thinking either a floating canopy that houses a single 250W MH supplimented with 2 T5 VHO (probably one actinic, one KZ Fiji Purple) or a 6 bulb T5 unit.

Any suggestions?


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ATI sunpower all the way with 3 blue plus, 2 aquablues and a fiji purple. If you prefer more of a 20k look than 4 blue plus with 1 aquablue and 1 fiji purple. Love the look of a sweet T5 fixture hanging over a rimless tank.