lighting too yellow


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i have 75g rr with some corals and 2 nems. i had pc lighting 2 65w actinics and 2 65w 10000k. one of my ballasts broke only giving me half the light. i replaced the fixture with 2 250w 10000k MH with 2 96W actinics. now mu tank is very yellow. is there anything i could do to change the look so it is more pleasing to the eye.


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First, are you running carbon? MH will sometimes enhance the yellow look of your water if it isn't "clean"

But, what 10K bulbs are you using? Some are more yellow then others. And are they DE or SE? Also, 2*96 PC of actinics won't do a whole lot. You could try going to a 14 K bulb. I know that personally 10K bulbs are too yellow for me.


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Switch to higher K bulbs. 14K 15K or 20K. But first decide how you want it to look ... pure white? Blue? white with a slight blue tint? white with a moderate blue tint?
Not all 14K's or 15K's look alike and not all 20K's look alike. Some 14K and 15K are bluer than some 20K's. For example, with the 250 watt double ended bulbs the 14K iwasaki is whiter and not near as blue than the 14K phoenix which is signifigantly bluer than 20+K ushio which is bluer than the 14K Iwasaki but the 20K helios is bluer than all of them ... :D

You didnt mention what type bulbs you were using, single ended screw in type (mogule or medium base) or double ended with contact on each end of the bulb.

tony varrell

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I jsut went through the same problem. I was using XM 250w10K mogel with URI Super atinics excellent par, but I felt that the look yellow for my taste. So I purchased 12K reeflux and thought they were too blue. Now I am using ishio 10K with URI super Atinics. I think it is just right color and par..


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Like i said i was running 2 65W ultras atinics and 2 65w 10k PCs and color was perfect. this new fixture i am using xm 2 250w 10k SE and 2 96w atinics. i want a nice white look to bring out the colors of my fish and corals a more whiter light. should i go up to 12k or 14k or just go with a different 10k bulb. And yes i am running carbon mu water is perfect