Limited overflow capacity???

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A Maxijet 1200 is located in each of the two built-in overflows, and is plumbed with Locline to opposite top front corners of the tank. Limited overflow capacity required that only one power head be on at a time, so a DIY wavemaker alternates at 30 second intervals.

1st thing Great tank.

I wanted to know more about this in BOLD and in Blue. I was planning on buying a 120gal AGA Too. And wanted to hook up a SQWD (wave maker) like this design. I want to stick the intake in the over flow boxes, so you do not see the pipe in the tank. Do you think this is possible? Note: this would be powered by a MAG-Drive 12 1200gph.

One more thing. Are you happy with the (2) 175 MH, or do you wish you had more. I already have 440Watts of VHO. And had thought about getting (2) 250 MH. But after seeing your system with more than I could ever want, well for now that is :D I think that 2 175mh would fulfill my needs. Any comments

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