Linking 2 new 6055's

jah hoeva

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Got the pumps installed and the link cable. I set one to external control but on pulse they pulse together, both on, both off. How do I get them to alternate?


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Turbelle® controller in the inverse operation (3)
If a second Turbelle® pump (or Wavebox) is
positioned on the opposite side of the aquarium,
the inverse operation must be activated on the
controller. To do this, press the „food timer“ button
for more than 5 seconds. Visually, the function will
be indicated through a blinking of the „select“ LED.
To switch back to the parallel operation (factory
default setting), the „food timer“ button must be
pressed again for more than 5 seconds, which will
cause the LED to be lit constantly. Note: The inverse
function cannot be switched to the “external control“
function or during the „auto adjust“ operation.

from a 6095 manual, hope this helps !!