Liquidgold's 300g mixed reef


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All the fishes are doing well and getting fat. However, my LPS are slowly fading away. I took my biopellet reactor and sulfur nitrate reactor off-line last week. LPS tissue recession seems to have slowed a bit. We will see.


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I'm in awe lol! You have such an amazing tank one can only dream of let alone afford haha! I would enjoy seeing this in person someday or a similar setup hopefully sometime in the future. I can only dream about a setup such as yours. Makes my 50g cube setup feel so minuscule. Great job liquidgold as everything looks healthy [emoji106]🏼[emoji16]


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Love the Fish list! I had similar issues with Biopellets in my experience when your corals decline and it is some type of bacterial infection the pellets can fuel it. Anyway my tank came back after taking them offline.


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Love the fish. All the DYI gadgets are awesome as well. Do you DT's run through same filtration as your DT? And if they're separate do you have chillers and heaters for both systems?


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Liquidgold's 300g mixed reef

One of the best tank in RC and should be considered for TOTM...Soon
It's getting better and better sir
Your fish health is second to none