Live rock in sump for denitrification?


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Any one use it, does it work? I've tried a small amount before but it just filled with detritus.


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I've got 1 piece in my refugium section, about the size of a softball.
Can't pile it up or it fills with detritus. If you've got plenty of live rock in the DT then it's redundant, but if you are pretty minimalist then it might be nice to have that extra surface area in the sump.


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Detritus isn't really a big concern of mine. I have a ton of live rock in my sump all stuffed together. Consistently get low nitrate/phosphate.


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I don't like much live rock in my display so most of the live rock goes into the sump. It worked great for me. I do believe you need a pump in your sump and to keep detritus from settling.


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I keep a good amount in my sump, I did make a platform for it out of eggcrate and pvc to raise it off the bottom so stuff doesn't build up underneath it.
Do you need to worry about detritus in a fuge? I'm going to have mangroves and probably some other rooting macro to try and feed off the detritus and become a pod breeding ground.


I like a more open display so I have a lot of live rock piled up in my sump. There's detritus down there too. I run carbon and GFO and have no problems with nitrates or phosphates. There's been some debate on detritus actually being beneficial to some degree in a reef tank. Tanks shouldn't be 100% sterile/clean. There's lots of critters both ones we can see and ones we cant that feed on it. I have a ton of pods in my sump. As long as it doesn't cause me issues, I'm not concerned.