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I'm looking for some one local who can build a custom stand for 180g, 72x24x24

Anyone have any ideas?
I was wanting something I could put a sump under (75g) and have doors to to open and close to hide the sump, wires, plumbing ect...

I'm not sure if a steel frame would work for something like that?
Go to the madreefer and ask Guy about the guy he knows that builds tank stands. I have seen some of his stands and they are awesome. He even builds in wireing units for you so all you have to do is put your wire in place.
last time i was there they had a sample stand of this builder's work in front of the desk. looked like it was finished really nicely. i looked at the construction of the frame and it was just 1x6s, iirc. i'm sure he would use bigger lumber for a 180, though.
I just spoke with him, it will not be cheap. $800 for his cheapest stand (Pine) and $1300 for something really nice (Oak or some other more expensive woods.

Then I'll need a canopy to match it and I'll be looking at $1100-$1200. Which is more than I really wanted to spend. maybe a 1g for both but even that is kind of high. But he sounded like a nice guy so will see.

I don't know I'll do some more looking around and see what kind of prices I can find.
brad ... do you have plans for it ?? I do lots of woodworking and have years of experiance . I live in peoria though . so it would have to be transported. Im a cheap date ...you buy the materials and we'll see if we can swap some stuff .
you could use the same design i used for the frame, then just finish it in some oak veneered plywood and some nice trim. really wouldn't be all that hard or expensive. you could come check it out if you want. it's a heavy beast.
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I was wanting something I could put a sump under (75g) and have doors to to open and close to hide the sump, wires, plumbing ect...

I'm not sure if a steel frame would work for something like that?

That is cool, if you decide to go steel let me know.

Im building a wood stand for myself right now for my new 120 but not sure if I want to build for someone else.....just dont have the experience. Good luck
WOW, sorry Brad I didn't know what the prices would be. I only knew that the work was good and the guy built stands. If I had known they were that high I wouldn't have metioned it, sorry.
Sorry BennyZ, but your stand could support a fully loaded semi trailer on there. Have any of you looked at a stock stand for a 180 from the manufacturer? I wouldn't trust them over a really long period of time, but their construction works due to the fact that plywood can support enormous amounts of weight. Myself I would do a minimal 2x4 frame if using a center support, or if no center support desired I would go with 2x6 header. Then wrap it with 3/4 oak or birch ply, and a nice hardwood face frame with cabinet doors, hardwood base around the bottom, and a nice routered edge moulding at the top to hide the sand bed. This would be very nice looking, strong, and the material would be approximately $250-$350 depending on how fancy you want to get. But then again, what do I know, I do cabinetry/trimwork for a living.
I agree, Ben's stand is big time overkill. Even so, it wouldnt be hard to slap some nice plywood on it, stain it, put some trim and nice doors and it would look very good.
Brad, if you aren't willing to spend $300 for material to do your stand and canopy, I would price out a stock stand and cheap diy canopy. Plywood will run $40 sheet, 2x4/screws/nails/glue can easily run $100, cabinet doors app $25/pc, sandpaper/stain/paint $30-50, hinges $15, trim $15-75, plus all the little extras.
hey, i never said it wasn't a tad bit on the overkill side. :D

i think brad ruled out an oe stand due to the height requirment of his 75g sump. typical 180 stands are too short to allow easy access to a 75g tank in the cabinet.

oh, and smorrow, i didn't realize you were a cabinet guy! i'll remember that when we're ready to replace our kitchen cabinets.
Smorrow you have another PM. And yes I'm willing to spend $300 or more on wood just not $300 on trim peaces.