Look what I found!!!


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I went to Premium Aquatics today and bought a small Pocillopora frag. When I took the rock out to mount the frag this little guy crawled out! I've heard him in there clicking every now and then but could never find him. I would have never thought the one rock I took out to place the frag on he would be in....

Hes barely an inch long...
You're gonna have to ask a mantis expert on that one... I just wanted to make sure I didn't have to call the People for the Ethical Treatment of Mantis Shrimp on ya :lol:

Cool find!
They're pretty easy to take care of, and very fascinating to watch! At least you got him out.


Sent you a PM ....if you want a good home for him, let me know....... I think that they are the coolest little guys I have seen in awhile.

Leo ( mantis collector :D )
hackster1-Thanks for the offer, but I've decided to keep him. Anyone know what kind he is or do I need a better pic? Will he keep that bright green color?
Hey Joy,

I posted asking about mantis suggested reading and someone posted this:


Maybe that will answer some of your questions. I got a mantis just like that in a piece of florida aquacultured rock before but he didn't make it :(

Thanks for the link Kevin

At least if the mantis doesn't make it, I can turn his tank into a nice little nano :D
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