Looking for corals in So Calif


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My 180g is running w/ 180lbs LR.
pH 8.1-8.2
dKH 8
Ca 370
3x250w HQI XM10k

I'm looking for my first corals. Interested in Ricordi, metalic mushrooms, Frogspawn, torch, monti.

Would like nice size pieces since the tank is looking bare at the moment without any other inhabitants.

I'm in Victorville. I can pick up within San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angls.


PM me: reef_doug
I have a large yellow scroll coral, leathers, zoas, red monti, big pagoda cup coral. I live in LA right off the 5. By Dodger Stadium. I need to make some room in my 180 so I need to find some homes for some stuff :D
FS:Yumas, Hairy and bullseye mushrooms

FS:Yumas, Hairy and bullseye mushrooms

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Sorry, reef_doug. I just realized this is your thread. :eek:

Dave, you might want to start your own FS thread, you'll probably get more viewers.
This is what I have. I'm located in Beaumont.

100 + Kenya Tree (1-6")
4-6 Green Cap (2-10")
10+ Blue Shrooms (vary in size)
3 green slimer