Low Light Clam ?


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Okay the question and a tad bit of history, I have is this......
I was told that there are a few clam species that actually dont require the MH lighting to survive in a tank, or to live a long tank life. This goes against a lot of what i have read. This individual has lead down the correct path numerous times, so that is why I question it here, just wanting more opinions. I am gonna go and get the names as to which ones he said possibly this weekend, since i forgot what they are. If anyone knows of which he might have been talking about would you please post there names on here. Thanks

there are no clams that are low light clams but there are a few species that dont require quite as intense light. these are the squamosa and derasa. you might even try a hippopus even though they are not as popular as the other species.
Derasa and Squamosa Clams are found in lower regions of the reef, thus don't require strong MH lighting. Most people keep them healthy and growing under PC's and/or VHO's. I have a Squamosa growing under 4-95 watt VHO's in a 75 gallon tank. He has great color and extension, I'll post a picture when I find it.

Maxima & Crocea Clams are the more light loving clams and will require MH's to be happy. However, I have seen Maxima's under VHO lighting, but with heavy feedings.

Clams under 4" will require feeding of Phytoplankton. This is why you see a lot of small Maxima's beeing kept in nano tanks with PC lighting.

There are other clams out there such as Gigas and Hippopus but I am unsure of their lighting requirements.

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Found some pictures of the deresa, they arent bad looking, the blue outline of them really make it a nice looking clam. Nothing on the squasmosa or hippopos, but thanks all, Think I might wait until I get my MH and tank is running a tad longer.

Here is my Squamosa Clam. The pictures are dark because the hood was up while the pictures were taken. Also, the pictures came out around 25% darker then it looked in person, heehee.



Also, it isn't uncommon to come across Derasa and Squamosa clams with purples and blues in them. Sometimes you'll find ones with more color then some Maxima Clams. There are blue Squamosa clams but they are very rare and expensive. I have seen some Purple/Green/Tan Derasas that are very eye catching.

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Thanks very much Rock...sshhhh my wife is near and wants clams but doesnt want to spend the $$$ for MH. But that is beautiful.

i have a custom built nano tank its 24long 10high and 10 deep
its just under 10 gallons i have a glass cover on it and i keep a 65watt 50/50 bulb right on top of the tank do you think i would be able to keep a small derasa happy? i feed dts to my corals mixed with frozen reef food that i thaw out with tank water.
then i turkey blast them. would this work for a clam? i was at my lfs and they have a derasa about 3-4 inches for only 37 dollars
the thing looks really good and won't last please help! thanks