LPS Lighting


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I just started a reef tank. It's a 29 gal with a 10 gal sump and 130 watts PC lighting for now. One bulb is actinic, the other 10K and I will be adding another bulb or two when I get another ballast to replace the one that burnt out.

There seem to be different opinions as to how much lighting you really need, but it would seem like I have enough to grow most LPS corals, and with the extra bulb I might even try SPS. Just wondering if there are any people who've had success with their PC or VHO lighting like this. Altogether I'll be up to over 6 watts per gallon in the display or 9 with 4 bulbs.
I have 30watts over mine in a 12gal and they all do very fine!!! They have grown, I am going to be posting pics tonight, so look for the thread.
Watts per gallon is not the best rule to go by. I have 130W of PC as well but it is over my 18G and I successfully keep several LPS. Just research the coral you want first. LPS have a variety of light requirements as do all corals.