LR ok to put in tank?


Rejisturd Mimbur
Got a few pieces of Hatian Rock from a friend that took her tank down. I put it in a bucket of SW to cook it. Well, the pump I had, stuck and heated up the water, the LR literally cooked. The smell was awful (worse than skimmate), so I put the rock into my toilet tanks. They've been in there a few days now and I was wondering, if I scrub it all down real good, would it be ok to put in my tank, or should I let it dry out for a few days? Thanks.


In Memoriam
What is a toilet tank?

I would do a 100% water change and let it sit for a while, with a power head, and then do another water change.

The bacteria are probably OK.

If you just want rock, bleach 'em and let then 'em dry


Rejisturd Mimbur
Thanks erc, I was thinking about bleaching them. The toilet tank is what fills with water after you flush.

And yes, I do know who baby jaguar is. With 5 and 9 year old girls, it's hard not to. :)