Lyretail anthias killing each other

its a 175 gal, 3 females 1 male, 1 female missing, it started with one female and its harrasing the remaining female, like way to much.

This harrasing female was the survivor from 2 that I had before, and it would harras the other, not that much and the harrased one seemed healthy but one day it just dissapeared. And now I'm afraid that will happen with the new females.
Anthias pick on the weak and sickly. I've had healthy lyretails of different sizes co-exist no problem. New fish can get picked on for these reasons...are they eating well?
they began to feed yesterday, they are actively looking for food now and I'll make sure they get it to remain healthy.
I'd also stick to good quality frozen food at first. IME not all lyretails will accept dry foods at first, often grabbing it but not swallowing it...
Anthias are harem fish and harems are based on dominance unlike shoals. Fish in the harem should always show its dominance to others to protect its place, especially Pseudanthias species.
When you dont have enough anthias, the dominance may become too harsh on individuals. I would recommend 7 to 9 individuals so the aggression will spead through the harem.
Feeding at least 3 or 4 times a day is also important IMO. Otherwise they may lose strenght & condition, which would unbalance the hierarchy.
Yes - sorry if that was not assumed. Mine have definitely shown hesitation in dried foods. I feed frozen foods twice daily, they seem to like things like cyclope-eze, mysis, and enriched brine.
Just to play devil's advocate here. People assume that if you have many, aggression will be spread out evenly. Well, no one informs the fish of this plan ;) IME, a weak fish will get picked on my the only other female in the tank, or by all nine of them. I know which odds I'd prefer :)