majestic angel

sly fox

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does anyone have experience of keeping one with corals? I was wondering what the liklihood of one going for noxious softies would be?
I have one. I've not seen it nip at corals, but he is still small. I have mostly SPS, but there are some LPS and softies if the Majestic really wanted to go for them.
It could be they get worse as they age...I suppose I will find out. I have a friend who has had one for many years without problems.

In my case, I wouldn't care if he did begin to nip. I think the corals can take it. If they can't, so be it.
Mine has killed off several SPS frags, and hasn't even completely finished changing to adult coloration.

That being said, I love this fish, and will be attempting some soft corals to see if I have any better luck.
it will eat most if not all of your zoos. but for the most part is one of the safiest of the larger angels. I had one for about a year, and it was around 5-6 inches. Ate good, and didnt eat the soft corals. LPS will more than likely get eaten too... but like most angelfish it really depends on the fish. You can get one that will never eat a coral and one that will destroy all they get around. Hopfully you get a good one.
thanks guys, appreciate it...i think i'll go for the majestic, and have a few low cost softies in there:)