MAJOR algae from a decorator crab!


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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine got a Decorator Crab that was COVERED in algae. She has a 12 gallon Bio Cube with 2 Clowns and a Decorator Crab. I have seen Decorator Crabs, but never covered in algae. Anyways, recently her tank has had an algae breakout. It's all over the rock. The Crab does have less algae on him, but I'm assuming the algae breakout is from the algae on the Crab itself. What could fix this? And is it fixable? Thanks!

Aurora D.

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Your tank does have a small chance of getting algae, but practically everything settles on your water quality. As long as your Nitrates, Phosphates, and other possible nuisance algae inducing nutrients are low, then you should be perfectly fine. Good Luck!!