Mantis ..... Anyone ??


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Just a test to see who out there still want a mantis...

I will be getting a couple next week and if youre interested, let me know... so we can work out a trade for whatever ...

Once again .... I do NOT have them at this time, will be getting them next week, by Friday i hope :)

Ok that said, who wants one ?:D


You're all but begging me for any mantis hitch-hikers I get on my LR at the end of the month and you're turning around and giving them away? :lol: Hmmmm....*scratches head*

Derrikd, I'm in Naperville, not too far from Bartlett, if you want to not worry about shipping, you can come over and get one if you can wait until the end of the month for it. I promised Hackster one or two (I'm getting 100 lbs of LR from TBS, should have a few on there). But if he's going to turn around and re-ship them to people, I'll save the poor little beastie a couple of dark overnight trips...:) I doubt it'll be a peacock, afterall, I don't think they're all that common in the Caribbean.

Hackster, you're still more than welcome to claim some of mine that come in. I just want to give locals first crack at them. Though...*smiles sweetly*...if you're going to use them as trading fodder, I hope you'd be able to give me a little something nice for shipping the darlings to you. ;)


Andy :wildone:
well i'm lost. :confused:

who is shipping what? if anyone can help out someone who can give a mantis a mighty nice home in his own 50 gallon system (connected to my reef) i'd be very appreciative.

alhtough i'm not local and it would need to be shipped.
Let see if i might clear this up

Let see if i might clear this up

I was , as i said in the first post looking to see if i could get enough people interested in getting a mantis, that i was going to get from a LFS, he said he had 5 good sized ones comming in,

sooooooo i thought i might as well see if anyone on here might like one of the 4 ( after i got mine ) as i had to get them as a lot, all at once....for a good price.

Well to make a long story short ... the deal fell through and , so I am posting here. Sorry to those that seemed interested..

Anyway does that make sence ?

And so i went looking on here for a mantis once again.

kaiyokanman28 ......

Hey not a problem on this end, pm me a wish list and i will see what i can do...


Ok i hope that cleared things up ...:rolleyes:

skattabrain .......

Im still working on it ......:D


Leo :rollface: