Mantis ID and care


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This is probably an easy one, but can anyone help me ID/sex this mantis? I got it with some LR from Tampa Bay Saltwater. Sorry for the blurry picture.
I got a 10G tank for it and it seems to be happy except in the morning it gets pretty feisty and swims up the sides of the tank and tries to jump out of the water. Is this normal? All the water parameters are good (1.025 SG, no ammonia, no nitrite, nitrate ~10, pH 8.3). I put some LR rubble and sand in the tank which seemed to make it alot happier. I've been feeding it a small piece of shrimp every few days, from what I've read here it sounds like I should probably feed it more often?
Also, if I ever manage to get any of the others (I think I have two or three more in my LR) could I possibly put them in the same 10G tank if I put enough LR in there to give them all places to hide? I've also got five small urchins in there (the true menaces) any worries there?
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My initial guess was that it was an Odontodactylus Scyllarus (Peacock), but that didn't seem right considering you got him off of TBS rock and the O. Scyllarus is an Indo Pacific species...

So, you could probably narrow that down...whatever he is, I love his colorings and hope I get a couple like him on Friday with my TBS order. :D


Andy :wildone:
Neogonodactylus Wennerae. I bought one personally from them. Anyway, I'm buying carribean Uncured iverock at 1.95 lb. 40 lbs of it and the shipping is less than 40 lbs of tampa bay decorator rock, sadly. I did love the TBS rock I got. It came with some macro algae, but my sailfin tang ate it all.