mantis image library. help needed


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im trying to start a web page with mantis images.
if anyone has some mantis pix and wants them to be used please email them to me and ill put them up when i get it running.
There is a great book on all Hawaiian inverts by a guy named John Hoover, or maybe Hooker. Buy that, great reference material with all the mantis shrimp you can find in Hawaiin waters. Where in Australia do you live? I went to Townsville in 1999, loved it and want to go back to Australia for vacation again as soon as possible. I should have my PADI certification soon and think it would really be cool to dive around the great barrier reef. Anyways...hope the book helps.
can ya bring me a big fat mantis with ya and send it my way next time you come over?

im from adelaide in south australia. nice place but hardly any mantis trade over here. ive never walked into a lfs and seen a mantis in my life.
If you see any shots at my site go ahead and use them.

You might want to e-mail Dr. Roy Caldwell and see if he will contribute (make sure to give him credit). His photos are professional quality macro shots.
ive asked roy caldwell already and he has sent me some awesome pics but i want to create a kind of mantis library so you can log on and try and find the species of mantis you own and maybe some info about that species etc. all credit will be given to the owner. if anyone has some pics please email them to me at and maybe a bit of info about how you have kept them etc.