Mantis shrimp not moving??


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Hi all, I have a 17 gallon tank with macroalgae for my 3 inch peacock mantis shrimp which I added yesterday (transferred from a small plastic container). He smashed a clam and brought it into his pipe den which is huge for him. Today morning I shined a light into his pipe, to find that he was motionless? Only his head is showing while the other half is blocked. His colours are still there but his eyes aren't even twitching. I see some very slight movement in the antennae. Is this a stress molt? I am really worried. I haven't even switched on the lights on the tank and his pipe literally allows no light in. What should I do? This happened in the morning if it helps. Thanks!

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Sounds like it could possibly be a molt. Every time I add a new shrimp or crab to one of my tanks, the first thing they always do is molt.