Many Tiny Air Bubbles in Aquarium Masters Manufacturer Aquarium.

Most of the threads here and on other forums have various situations, particularly with large bubbles trapped in the silicone.

- The Aquarium holds water, no leaks of any kind.
- The micro bubbles are very tiny and within all the silicone seams.
- All the seams display this characteristic or look.
- It does not appear that one particular seam displays this vs the others (They all seem to have this look to it).

Is this a Cosmetic themed occurrence from Aquarium Masters in their particular manufacturing process?

Seen in the photo, small bubbles can be seen inside the aquarium "from the normal water filling process."

Also, seen in the photo is where the camera flash and the right light can highlight the micro bubbles that are in the silicone joint itself.

Most of the other threads on this topic were from slightly different variation of what users were describing as "bubbles in silicone."


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That seems like a lot of air to me, I probably wouldn’t trust it. I have an aquarium masters and mine are smooth. Last I knew aquarium masters was a fairly decent brand
Was size is this tank?

It is a 120g that I sold this month.

The Silicone is properly thick and fairly bubble free in the meat of the Silicone.
The air is near the outer edges of the silicone (outer part of the seam).

Most of the threads I see about bubbles in the silicone show the air near the inner seal where the water is held.

I'm trying to understand from a manufacturing standpoint.
Does Aquarium Masters use any different Silicone than a typical manufacturer would use?

We are trying to figure out what makes this happen, although the tank still holds water with no issue.
Skill of the assembler 100%.
Here is the bottom glass panel.
- looking through the glass at the center of the black frame/trim.

The one side of the black trim is fairly straight with Silicone care.
The other side of the black trim has a wave to it unlike the care done on the straight side.


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It can provoke anxiety as long as the tank is used, and for good reason. A manufacturer's defect (agreeing with what others have diagnosed) of this nature is not a risk I would take. One way to have some very minimal assurance is to fill it and leave it for a month or longer in a place where there will be no damage when and if it bursts.

But these things can take much longer to eventually go.