Marine Ick !?!?!? - Never had it before, but I see something on my Maroon Clown

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I've had a Gold-Stripe Maroon Clown for about seven years, six in a 30g fish only undergravel cess pool and about six months in a new happy home 75g reef. He's always been hardy and healthy. A couple day ago I noticed a small white spot that is located on the small "barb" that is on the outside of his gill. Its smaller than his eye (pupil part). It is hard to tell if its just exposed bone/cartiledge from a scratch, but it looks more like a little cotton-like growth/white spot on the barb itself. He's acting normal and eating like a pig (as usual). His Yellow Tang buddy looks great too.

Its been years since I had to treat a fish for disease, and I have never done it in a reef tank. (My old FO method was medieval - raise tank temperature like a fever. It actually worked, but don't worry I know better). If a stitch in time saves nine I'll take action, but the since its a small spot can I watch to see if it gets any worse? If action is recommended, what is the best method? (I do not have a quarantine tank and do not like the idea of adding anything to the tank itself - I do have corals and clams)

Any thoughts are appreciated!

One note: I have been trying to cure a dinoflaggelate/diatom bloom lately and have been doing frequent water changes - Never more than eight gallons at a time). Salinity, temperature, and alkalinity have been changing, but the have been relatively gradual. I raised salinity from 1.23 to 1.025, temperature from 76 to 78, and I boosted alkalinity. (Alk has been fluctuating the most)
Hi Rinaldi,
I don't know what's wrong with your fish but I can tell you that you will probably have trouble treating any kind of disease in a reef tank. Most if not all of the "reef safe" treatments have given inconsistent results, and most of the more reliable treatments will harm or kill invertebrates, including those found on live rock. For this reason most fish who get sick in a reef tank must be removed to a hospital tank if treatment is required. How is your clown doing today?
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A white, cotton like growth is probably lymphocystis. It's a type of virus which is not supposed to be fatal. Keep your water quality stable and it should fall off eventually and the fish should be fine.


Thought I'd give an update on the strange white cotton-like spot. After about a week its still there, but looks smaller. Since its under the "barb" on his gill it actually now looks like two white spots (ie, the barb "eclipses" the white spot". It has not grown or spread and he's still pigging down the chow and otherwise looks normal.
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