marine plant ID help please


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Hi all. Can anybody help me ID these? I just got a clump today from the lfs, I thought they were really neat.
Its a calcifying algae called Neomeris annulata sometimes they get white tips. Fairly harmless and usually a good indication your calcium levels are fair, just watch that it doesnt get out of hand or it might start sucking up some CA.

Shoot, I've seen those before. IMO, they are not Neomeris as there is no evidence of calcium in your alga's structure. They are bushy little like pipecleaners although they are the same size and overall shape as Neomeris. I have had some Neomeris so I can tell pretty positively (beautiful pic BTW).

So I would say look more to Dasycladus or Batophora.
Hey frick what kind of flow and lighting do these guys prefer? Right now I have it in medium to low flow under 175 10kk ushio in my tank, about 8" below the surface.
I'm not sure, but typically green algae can take some light and that stuff is shaped to take some flow, so I would guess it is OK where you have it. But I haven't had that stuff so I don't really know its nature.
I did a search and it looks more like the dasycladus, thanks for the help frick n frags. You know if there will be or do you want to start something up this summer to trade different algaes with people? Like the thermos bottle sorta trades. I find them very neat and interesting.