Maxi-jet powerheads & Maxi-jet wave timer Question


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I need poweheads for a 68 gallon (36"x18"x24"). I've heard that Maxi-jets are the best so I am going to order three 1200's. Is this okay or is it overkill? I plan on keeping soft corals only. Also, would it be worth the $40 to buy a Maxi-jet Natural Wave Timer? Thanks.
I have a "flo rotating deflector" on a maxi jet. You can find them for around $10. There not bad.
I would use 3 MJ900s and add a 4th if you need a little more flow.

The MJ1200s use 20w each while the 900s are only 8.5 (65gph difference between the 1200 and 900)
In a 68 gallon I would use at least 4 maxijet 1200s. I had three in a 37 gallon and could have used another (yes I did have a sand bed) a buddy of mine has 4 in a 40 gallon. 4 in a 68 gallon would be on the conservative side.
up to you, the corals would be fine with the 1200s, I don't know your setup but the wattage difference will add a lot more heat to the setup.

I have 1180gph running through my 25g display (2 x PanWorld50px) it look a lot of adjusting for the sandbed to stay put. I have a mixed reef, softies are Kenya Tree, Toadstool, and Xenia)

I mostly have experience with smaller tanks so you may be better off using someone else... the 230gph x 3 will give you roughly 10x an hour turnover which is enough IMO for softies but more wouldn't do them any harm and may help in other ways.
Just do the MJ mod on a 900(DIY forum) and you can use one that way and add a few to get the other 2 900's to get the dead spots. Way better off. HTH
Is 10-12X flow per hr. of the tank size generally the standard? So would two 160 gph. Maxi-jets both using Hydor Flow Deflectors be sufficient for a 26 gal. bow with just LR and softies?