Maxima has been nipped on.


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My coral beauty is the suspect. I caught him nipping on my crocea but not my maxima but on my maxima a small portion of the mantle is withdrawn much more then the rest of it. I assume this was due to a nipping by the coral beauty. I have since removed the fish about 4 days ago.

My question is this. How long should it take that part of the mantle to recover? I have seen no improvements as of yet.
Sometimes mantles of clams will have some erosion, which is due to shipping and collection stress. Sometimes they even develop a third hole between the incurrent and excurrent siphons. A healthy clam will usually regrow/recover this arer within a few weeks.

I would assume that this would be the same for a nipped mantle, as long as the clam is healthy.

Best of luck, Rob
It depends on the size of the mantle damaged. I have harvested 1-2 cm pieces of mantle from large maximas with complete recovery in about 8-12 wks. Adam