maxima moving...


Ok, everything I have read says that clams do not like much current. Well, my maxima(had it about a month) continuously moves himself to the very front glass of the tank which gets hit pretty hard intermittently from my Sea swirl powered by a magdrive 12. I have moved him back to his original spot twice now, any suggestions to get him to not move up there. Either spot he gets plenty of light. Obviously, his moving isn't happening over night usually about a week after I move him back. I would probably be fine with it, but his mantle actually presses up against the front glass.

Well if he likes the spot, keep 'em there. Try putting a rock under the sand in his prefered place, and getting him to attach. If he doesn;t, hes probabbly moving 'couse hes stressed.

Do you have any other clams?

Good luck and a merry christmas!! :thumbsup:
Try putting a rock under the sand in his prefered place, and getting him to attach

When I moved him back this morning, he has attached himself to a snail shell I had in the sandbed. He opens up great, more than the original 2 ever did. BTW, I feed Dt's every other day. So, the current won't hurt him? Because he stills opens up good under it. What about when he gets so close his mantle is pressed against the glass. This can't be good. Can it?

Do you have any other clams?

Not at the moment. I had 2 a while back(bad LFS advice) before my tank had been well-established. This is the first I am trying now that my tank specs are where I want them(cal-440, alk2.9, lighting 2 175w ushios, 4x55w actinic pc). I definitely plan on getting another in the future when I find one that really stands out to me.

Merry X-mas to you too....:beer: