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hey there....i have a 55 gallon reef with about 90lbs. of LR. I have 216 watts of T5 lighting and i was just wondering if i could put a Maxima clam in there, never had one before and have been looking around at this forum. I know that they get to 6 inches which is no problem for me but how much calcium will it take in?
Im guessing around 400ppm but, im not sure. If i buy this where do i place it? top? bottom? middle? And how do u feed clams? This tank is about 2 years old with a clarkii, Scopas(temporarily...will be going in my 120g), and a small royal gramma i picked up about a week ago.

Thanks for reading gurus:D
You have a good ammount of light, so i would definitely go for it. Clams generally do pull a bit of clacium from the water colum, but your weekly testing will let you know how much keeping it at 400 is good.
sweet ive been looking forword to having one. and yes i am personally keeping around 500ppm of calcium in each of my reef tanks. What about feeding though and again can i place him anywhere with the lighting that i have?

thanks again
feeding dpends on the size of the clam, the size will determine how much to feed, the larger clams IME can be fed less often since they have larger mantles that support a higher concentration of Zooanthella
thanks so much ill be posting a pic of the one im thinking on buying in a couple of days to see what u guys think.

thanks again