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I just got my first crocea clam wednesday..
aclimated fine but looked stressed. gaping and not opening well.
I have 2 400wt 15k xaniums and 440vho actinic
I also have to maxima's doing great under these lights.
the crocea started to look a bit better yesterday mornign but by last night it had receaded and doesnt react well closing or expanding its mantel.
right not sunday night is still open and about 1/8 to 1/4" inside its shell mantel that is. is now also in a nice shadey area. I think the halides might have been to much will give a pic tomorrow sometime but do you think its a gonner or maybe might come back.

thanks andy
I love clams and dont want to see it die.
From what you have said, that he looked ok in the AM but later that day was closing and not openinng up real well. May be the high intense lighting. What was it under when you bought him? How long did you acclimate him and how? Can you tell us more about your water?
I always find feeding helps pull them through the tough times of trying to acclimatise to new lighting. Do you feed any phytoplankton?
I feed phyto every day. tried giving a phyto bath sat night. water is 1.025 sal. no amon no nitrite 35-50 trate. am lax on water changes but that is more for a stupid purchase of a gonipora so my water is a bit heavy but everythin else seams good. only 1 thing doesnt like the tank now and that is some clove polyps.
I think the clams a gonner tho here is this am's pix

lunchtime update....dead :(
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