Metal halides too much?


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Im ordering lots of new zoanithids and palys this weekend and I'm wondering if they will get burned up by my 250w metal halides. I would place them at the bottom of the tank, (20" deep) with the halides 10" from the surface. Would they be ok here? I have a test frag at the bottom and its doing fine but I wanted some reassurance.


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They shoukld be ok, I have a frag rack with zoas and palys about 10-12" from my lights. im running 2x250 with 2x110 vhos. Make sure you acclimate them to your light.


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My zoanthids do fine under 250 watt Hamilton 14K bulbs.
What brand and K rating do you have?


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Pretty sure the sun isnt too much for those bad boys... they love light. you should be fine with MH.
you should/could ask or find out what sort of light they were under before putting them in your tank.
you do have to be careful with shocking them though, so suliaman007 was right when he says to acclimate them. there are a few ways, place them at the bottom, place them in shade, reduce your photo period, and some folks even place like wedding veil, or layers of screen between the light and the tank and remove them one by one.

good luck.


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I would think that would be fine, Iplantz.

Good to see a mod weighing in. Hello there Skipper, good to see you round these parts lately.



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As long as they are acclimated properly.

Meaning start low in the bottom not under direct light then slowly moving it up several inches per movement as time goes on. The polyp will tell you wether its happy or not.

Going pale/light ( BLEACHING ) too much light, meaning move them down.