MH Dual Ballast Question?


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I just purchased two older Coralife 175 watt pendants and will be using two 20K XM bulbs in them (have those coming from Hellolights). On the end of the cords from the pendants, there are two flat prongs and a ground prong that evidently plug into the ballast (unusual when I first saw it). Anyway, I donââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢t want to buy two big bulky ballasts for it if I donââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢t have to. I saw an external dual ballast on your site. Would one of these work for both my pendants or am I stuck with two ballasts regardless?

When it comes to MH lighting I am totally lost.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Pictures of the cord ends below.




Do you guys read this forum at all?

Yes we do, daily. You posted a little later in the evening, and sometimes we don't see those posts until the next morning. Sorry you had to wait overnight for an answer.

Unfortunately those will not match up with the PFO quickdisconnects. PFO, CSL, Coralife, Hamilton, Sunlight, etc....all use their own style cord. You could use the PFO dual ballast, but would need the quickdisconnects to go with it, and then have a little bit of wiring to do. I would recommend find a couple molex connectors from your electrical supply store, and using those as a disconnect between the PFO cords, and the cord coming from the pendants.

I apologize for sounding trite in my last post. My intentions were not to come off as rude :(.

I will order the dual ballast but I am a little confused. Are you saying I could find connectors that will fit between the plugs and the ballasts without having any additional wiring to do?

Thanks Jeremy!

Hi Jeff,

No, you would not be able to buy a connector that will plug right into that ballast from the pendant you have. These are the quickdisconnect cords youw ill use. The plug end will plug to the ballast, then the wire leads will go to your pendant. You will need to chop off that plug you have now, and hard wire into those wires. You will then be able to connect/disconnect from the ballast.


I just placed my order for the ballast online and asked that you add these to it also in my comments. Again, if you could add two of these (I need two of them correct?), that would be very much appreciated. I called them 'quick disconnects' in my comments but you know what I need anyway.

Since I am so close to you, if that goes out today, according to UPS, regular ground will get to me by Thursday.

Again, thanks for all your help. I do appreciate it.