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I am setting up a 120 (4 x 2 x 2) and I want to do it LPS and possibly some clams in the future. I was looking at a used hood that has 2 x 250 HQI and 2 VHO. Is this going to be 2 much light for any LPS?

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You can probably get by with less for LPS, but you likely won't have too many problems, either. Just make sure you start everything out toward the bottom and move up over time, and leave the really low light corals (bubbles, etc) in the bottom half. I personally don't think you'll burn much of anything under 250s, but better safe than sorry.


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I have a 250MH and 150VHO's over my 29Gal Exotic LPS tank with no problems. The Acans and micro's love it.


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I have 2 250W MH and t5 and when I run the t5 the first hour the Lps than I have like frog spawn, hammer, Xenia they start to open, but when I turn on the MH they just 3X the size.

they will be ok.

Buth I will recomend you another whey to aclimation to light insted to put them in the botoom and move his way up.

I read this from Antony Calfo and it has been work for me great.

Do the aclimation (by night is better so they won´t have a light shock)
"Perhaps the best and simplest way to acclimate new invertebrates to new light is to employ an interesting technique with plastic screen or mesh to act like a shade cloth. Take some coarse plastic window screen (AKA flyscreen or hardware fabric) and cut small pieces that will be slightly larger than the footprint (diameter) of the coral. Make a stack of these pieces (12-15 pieces) and place them above the new coral between the light and the water surface to obviously filter light (perhaps on the aquarium cover). This will allow a coral to be placed high in the aquarium in its appropriate, expected final position without fear of suddenly shocking the specimen with bright light. Then, one sheet of screen is removed each day or every other until all pieces are gone, providing a gradual and filtered period of acclimation to new/bright light over a period of weeks. It’s inexpensive and effective!" - by Anthony Calfos

Then every week take of 1 of the pices off. until you take off every one of them. Remember a fish tank is a long term proyect.

Read the conpleate article by Anthony is very interesting and you will learn a lot from an expert.

Acclimating New Corals to Aquarium Lighting, Part 1 by Anthony Calfo

Acclimating New Corals to Aquarium Lighting, Part 2 by Anthony Calfo

I hope you can use this info, excuse my english.
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