micro bubble need help please


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I posted this in new to hobby also I have checked all my retun linea all 2ft of it no leaks at all there are so many air bubbles my tank looks cloudy figured I can just get some more sugestions

I have a 90 gal RR tank with 1 in Durso drain and a 40 gal breeder for sump I am using a mag 9.5 for a return with a 3/4 pipe everything is hard piped and I never a bubble problem till the other day nothing has changed at all I thought my tank was cloudy but it is micro bubbles everything is tight

I can actually see the bubble in my sump and I cant get rid of them what can I do to get rid of them any advice will help

I run a sock filter and I tried no sock filter
tried skimmer off skimmer on still bubbles

I AM GOING CRAZY and it looks like SH*T


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Can you not see where the bubbles are being generated..
Probably either your skimmer or your durso is sucking down a bunch of air.

Do you have baffles in the sump?


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my durso sucks in what i think is a lot of water
my drain has sock filter which i would think takes care of all the bubbles
I hav a bubble trap before return and that is where I see most of the bubbles I have checked every fitting and nothing loose my pvc fitting are all glued with a union wich is tight o ring good
turned skimmer off all night did not help
I use a mag 12 for return and I tried a mag 9.5 most of day yesterday no help


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I will try that but it is under water

the crazy thing is that my tank has been running for about 3 months and nothing has changed plumbing wise water height level has not changed the only thing that has changed is some mushrooms and 2 clowns (maybe they have bad gas ) at first I thought the tank was cloudy I unpluged the return and within 5 mis tank was crystal clear

not only am I fustraded I am confused


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I've had that happen, think the flow through the overflow could be abnormal for some reason. If the finger trick doesn't work, try turning your pump off and then on again.


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I have a siphon break on my return and I also have a hole on my durso rite on the coupling of the 90 in the overflow chamber not really sure what that is for but I will plug both of them
the durso came with the tank it is an 1 1/4 with an adjutable height I have the top of the durso a bit higher than the tank tried it in diffrent positions no change


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I have the exact problem, so I want to tag along. I took filter media last night and put some in my baffles. This morning, with lights off the bubbles are mostly gone, but yesterday morning they were gone too, so I thought I had solved the problem by just turning off the pump. By later in the day, they were back, big time. So, I'll see later today if putting media in my baffles did the trick.

Does your return pump sit anywhere near your skimmer? In my tank it does. I've been told that could be the problem, and I was going to get a threaded 3/4 inch elbowed pvc to attach to the pump, so it would suck water from a few inches closer to the bottom (hoping it wouldn't be catching bubbles this way) but now I'm not so sure they would work.

What I think is what your all calling a drain syphon, I also have. Should one be able to see an air bubble in this?

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I had micro bubbles really bad in my tank also. I had siphon breaks in my returns and found that when the water would shoot out it would generate bubbles. I filled mine with some aquarium grade silicone and put in a check valve instead. No more bubbles.


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In some cases the pump casings on mag pumps are sucking air from ambient. Is the pump submerged? If no, submerge it for a test!