Miracle Mud System vs Combined Sump/Refugium


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The LFS dude is advising me to setup a refugium separate from my sump and to fill it with Miracle Mud and macroalgae. Seems like a good idea, but it is much more expensive and a bit more complicated than a combined sump refugium.

It seems the vast majority of folks on RC use a combined sump/refugium with sand, macro algae and maybe LR in the refugium portion.

What's the general opinion on using Miracle Mud (not the Ecosystem aquarium, just the use of Miracle mud in a DIY refugium separate from the sump)? Is it worth the extra money and the hassle of a separate refugium?


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I think Miracle Mud is overpriced, and doesn't do all that much. Personally, I'd skip the mud and just grow macroalgae. The Miracle Mud probably does release some iron into the water column, but iron supplements are cheap.

A separate refugium might be fine for some situations in which the sump can't be made big enough, etc.


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I agree Jonathan. The Mud has no proven benefits over plain LS so why spend the extra $$$?


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I've had MM on a seperate refugium for over 4 years. Water goes from sump to fuge then gravity takes it to tank. As far as MM, I was not able to grow macros without it. Have good growth of it and seems to stabalize tank. Presently I'm having thoughts if the possible leaching of iron is causing a slight algea outbreak in my tank. It is hard to make a recommendation but one thing for sure, I was not able to grow macros until MM.

There is a substrate from Walt Smith that supposedly comes from the ocean , I will see if I can get a url and post back.