moonlights? (recommended)


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Do you use them, and can you recommend any? I have a 29 gallon tank with a retro hood with t5 lighting.

Also, do any of them actually cause the corals to glow as would actinics?

it really doesn't make any difference except for viewing at night but i like the look so go for it.I use white moonlights to simulate the moon better though
I've got white ones as well.. they look just like shimmering moonlight through the water. I think my fish like them too. Maybe because in the wild they are used to food comming out at night.

I've seen the blue ones as well, and they look nice, but I prefer the white.


I have the blue ones, they were only Ã"šÃ‚£10 off ebay. I really like the look of them after the actinics go out, and they're good for viewing any critters that come out at night.
i bought some for my 90 and i think my clownfish does not like them.

he wouldn't stay in his "host xenia" with the lights on, instead he stays on the opposite side of the tank. So i do not use them now.


they do look cool though.

2 was not enough for my 90. I should have gone with 3-4.

I purchased the ones that can be expanded from drs foster smith
I have mine come on for 3 hrs right after the actinics go off. then they come on again in the morning 2 hrs. before the actinics.

I know some people who leave them on all the time with no ill effects, but I like to give my tank 6 hours of complete darkness.
Another theory is that it helps w/spawning. Most fish spawn @ nite, and the moonlights mimic the natural light that guides them.