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I've moved to chicago and have tank for sale (in my for sale home) in U City. I was planning to take the tank, but I don't have enough space.

120 Gallon Clear for Life Acrylic Tank
4 x 110 VHO lights
Ice Cap Ballast
Aqua Medica Turbo 1000 Skimmer
100 lbs Live rock
Mag 1800 Pump
Pacific coast Chiller
Black Stand and Hood

Brought at Clayton Pet Store about 3 years ago

I have pictures but can not fiqure out how to upload them. They are about 1 meg apiece. Will be happy to email them to people.:(
you can email me pics at kcourtney79atgmaildotcom and i can put them up here for you if you like.



Thanks I'll send them to you.

I would like to sell the whole system (if possible). I spent about 5000 ( the hood and stand were expensive). I would like to get around 1500 for everything,if possible. Unfortunately beggars can't be choosers.
Heres The pics....






I would be interested in going in with Jarob on some of that live rock as well if you decide to part everything out. I need 20~30 #'s. -Steve
I've had alot of pm for the live rock and chiller. Still holding out to see if anyone wants the whole thing.
Holding out.....

Holding out.....

I've gotten alot of PM on the disembowment of my tank setup. I am still holding on to the little chance that someone would want the whole setup, but hope is fading... Some people have asked for particular pictures of equipment. I will not be back in St. Louis until august 13. If anyone watnts to see the tank, I can get my neighbor ( who knows nothing about salt water) to show them and will see if he can take some pictures of the equipment.

Thanks for the interest
anyone still interested?

anyone still interested?

I am flying into st. louis tonight to sunday afternoon. Anyone still interested? Willing to sell everything for 1000.

In St. Louis

In St. Louis

I am in st. louis (university city) until sun at 4pm. Will be will to part out the setup.

Dropping like the cubbies

Dropping like the cubbies

Looking for anyone that would take the entire setup for 500 bucks

125 acrylic tank
aqua motor 1000 skimmer
100+ lbs of live rock
Stand and canopy
pacfic coast cl280 skimmer
mag 18 pump
4 x 120 watt vho
ice cap ballast

I will sell it to anyone who can get it out of my condo by sunday.
I have already taken the water out of the tank today. I don't know when I'll be in u. city next.

Thanks for the interest

Thanks for the interest

Thanks for all the interest. I got someone to take the whole setup.