moving mangroves out of aquarium


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I've had two mangroves growing in my sump for about a year and a half. I had them under 60 watts of T5 10k bulbs. I recently moved and don't have the sump anymore so they are in the main tank. I don't think they are getting enough light now because I'm not hanging an extra light above them. They just get the light from the windows which doesn't seem like enough. The sun is on the other side of the house. So I want to put them in a room that gets full sun all day. If I put their planter (which is an 8x8x8 plastic box filled with sand and mineral mud) in a 10 gal tank in the other room and put a powerhead in it will it be ok? Then when I do my water changes in my reef tank I could replace their water with that. Does this sound like it will work?

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i dont know if you even have to go through all that, could it just grow in planting soil? I dont know but for some reason i remember hearing that they can still grow in dirt?


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From what I've read they can grow in freshwater, brackish water, salt water, and damp soil. However they are sensitive to sudden salinity changes so make sure if your changing it's salinity you look up the proper procedure. Your idea for the second tank sounds cool, you might need to add some form of food for them and they will need a heater.

Best of luck!